Secure your home purchase in Spain

At BARBEITO ABOGADOS we specialize in securing home purchases in Spain, providing complete legal advice and comprehensive services to protect your interests. From the verification of the seller to the management of the signature at the Notary, we are committed to your peace of mind and security throughout the entire purchase process. Rely on our experience and professionalism for a safe and smooth real estate investment.

The purchase of a property is always a great investment, often the most important investment in a person's life.

If you are thinking of buying a property in Spain, you should know that Spanish law has particularities that differentiate it from other foreign legal systems.

People who are preparing to buy real estate often ask themselves questions such as: Is a public deed necessary to buy a property in Spain?

  • Is a public deed necessary to buy real estate in Spain?
  • Is registration in the Land Registry obligatory?

Therefore, before signing any paper or handing over any amount of money, we recommend that you get advice on the requirements, risks and consequences of buying a property in Spain. In this way you will be able to buy without fear, with the tranquility of having done things right.


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What do we offer you in BARBEITO ABOGADOS for the safe purchase of your home?

  • Legal advice. We will answer all your doubts, for this we recommend you to come to our office with a list of all the questions you want to ask. We will explain you in a clear and direct way what the Spanish law says about the purchase of a property. We will alert you to the potential risks and propose a tailor-made solution for your case.
  • We will check the identity of the seller to make sure he is who he says he is.
  • We will check the Land Registry data to ensure that the property is free of encumbrances, mortgages and liens.
  • We will analyze the solvency of the seller to make sure that he is not trying to avoid debts that in the future could fall on the property, damaging him as a buyer.
  • We will request from the Community of Owners the document proving that the seller is up to date with payments and that he does not owe any monthly payment.
  • We will draft and, if necessary, revise the earnest money contract.
  • We will draft the purchase contract, negotiating and including in the clauses the best way to defend your interests.
  • In case you decide to apply for a mortgage loan from a Spanish bank, we will carry out a thorough review and analysis of the Mortgage Contract, analyzing its most important aspects, such as: interest rate, floor clause, ceiling clause, abusive clauses, terms and conditions of the mortgage, etc.

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