At Barbeito Abogados, we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for probate and the drafting of Living Wills. From tax minimization to international case management, our expert team is here to guide you through complex legal processes with clarity and professionalism. Trust us to protect your interests and ensure that your wishes are respected at critical times in your life and beyond.
  • What taxes are to be paid in an inheritance?
  • How do I know if I am an heir?
  • What inheritance rights do I have?
  • How can I sell an inherited property?
  • Can I only sell what is in my name in the Land Registry?
  • How can I write a will?
  • In Barbeito Abogados we have the answer to all these questions and we offer a complete and integral service in the processing of inheritance successions. Undoubtedly, the successions mortis causa are the most complex part of all the Civil Law, that is why it is convenient to count on expert and qualified lawyers to develop the whole inheritance process from the advice regarding the convenience of accepting an inheritance and how to do it, through the payment of the Inheritance Tax, to the final adjudication of the inherited assets. Among our most outstanding activities in this sector are:
  • Minimization of the Inheritance Tax.
  • Acceptance and Adjudication of the inheritance.
  • Obtaining notarial copies of wills.
  • Intestate or "ab intestato" successions (cases in which the deceased has not left a will).
  • Registration of last will and testament.
  • Death certificates.
  • Judicial petition for inheritance.
  • Claim of the legitimate.
  • Negotiations and arbitration between co-heirs.
  • Call us and request an interview with the Lawyer, we will be pleased to help you with your inheritance.
Real estate inheritance concept and contract agreement. The customer makes a rental contract with the landlord.
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Specialists in international successions

The growing mobility of nationals of the Member States of the Union is not limited to tourist trips without the need to carry a passport, but in many cases involves genuine immigration from one country to another. The change of residence of people within the European Union usually generates enormous legal problems for the relatives and creditors of people who, at the time of death, reside in another State of the Union other than the one of which they are nationals. The most frequent problems are those in which, after the death of a foreign subject in Spain:

Some of their relatives reside in Spain but others do so abroad.
No family member resides in Spain but the deceased had assets in Spain.
The deceased has assets (real estate, checking accounts, vehicles, etc.) in different states of the Union and even in third States.

In these situations, both the family members and the creditors of the deceased raise various questions such as: In which country to initiate the succession? Which law is applicable to the succession, Spanish or that of the nationality of the deceased? Is there a will? ? ?, Where and how to enforce the will?, Is a will made abroad valid in Spain?, What taxes must be paid? How to sell the properties of a foreigner who died in Spain? etc These and other questions can only be answered by an expert in International Inheritance Law.

Living will

The Living Will or Prior Instructions consists of a written statement through which a person expresses, in advance, the medical care that he wishes or does not wish to receive, in the event of suffering from an irreversible or terminal illness that prevents him from expressing himself.

There is also the option to speak out regarding organ donation.

The Living Will allows the appointment of a representative of the aforementioned expression of will who, if necessary, will have the capacity to interpret the Living Will and ensure that it is fulfilled.

There are two options to grant the Living Will:

Before three witnesses.

However, I recommend doing it before a Notary, as it avoids having to participate in such private decisions to other people and, in addition, it is possible to register them later so that they are also recorded in the Public Health Administration.

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