Immigration Law Services

At Barbeito Abogados we are experts in immigration matters in Spain. We provide specialized legal advice and representation in nationality, visas, residency, employment and more. Trust our team to solve your immigration legal problems in an effective and professional manner, contact us today for a consultation!

Immigration law is a fundamental branch of the legal system that regulates the rights and obligations of foreigners residing in Spain.

At Barbeito Abogados, we specialize in immigration matters, committing ourselves to defend the rights of our clients before the Administration and third parties.

Our services include:

  • Spanish Nationality
  • Visas
  • Residence and Work Authorizations
  • Arraigos: Social, Family and Labor
  • Family Regrouping
  • Renewals of Residence and Work Permits
  • NIE (Foreigner Identification Number)
  • Employment Contracts for Foreigners
  • Expulsion and Deportation Proceedings
  • Appeals against Denials of Spanish Residence and Nationality Permits
  • Residence of Community Citizens (EU) and their family members.

Each case presents unique particularities, so we recommend our clients to bring all the information and documentation available in order to guarantee an accurate and effective advice, as well as to provide a detailed and closed quotation.

A correct advice not only guarantees legal compliance, but also represents a significant saving in time and money for our clients. Request an appointment and let us help you solve your immigration legal problems!

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Happy woman looking at a map while exploring foreign city.

Why choose us for your Immigration Law matters?

At Barbeito Abogados, we understand the challenges and complexities that foreigners face in Spain in relation to their legal status and rights. Our firm stands out for the following reasons:

Experience and Specialization: We have a team of highly trained lawyers specialized in immigration law, with extensive experience in resolving a variety of cases, from visa applications to appeals against nationality denials.
Personalized Approach: We recognize that each case is unique and requires a personalized approach. We are dedicated to understanding the specific circumstances of each client and developing legal strategies adapted to their particular needs.
Professionalism and Commitment: We are committed to providing professional and ethical service at all times. Our priority is customer satisfaction, and we strive to offer clear, honest and transparent advice at every stage of the process.
Proven Results: We have obtained successful results for numerous clients in a variety of immigration law cases. Our track record of success is a testament to our ability to effectively defend our clients' interests before the Administration and the courts.
Comprehensive Care: From the first consultation to the resolution of the case, we are committed to providing comprehensive care to our clients. We are available to answer questions, provide updates on case progress, and offer guidance and support at all times.

Trust Barbeito Abogados to represent your legal interests in immigration law matters. We are here to help you overcome any legal challenge and successfully achieve your goals.

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